1976 Bicentennial Quarter Error Coins

Double Die Obverse (DDO) This error occurs when the coin is struck more than once by the die, resulting in a doubling effect on the obverse (front) of the coin, particularly noticeable on the inscriptions or the date.

Double Die Reverse (DDR) Similar to the DDO, but the doubling appears on the reverse (back) of the coin. Look for doubling on the lettering or the drummer boy design.

Off-Center Strike This occurs when the coin is not properly centered during the strike, resulting in an off-center image. The degree of off-centering can vary.

Clipped Planchet This error happens when a portion of the coin’s planchet (the blank piece of metal) is missing, usually resulting in a curved clip.

Die Cracks and Die Breaks These errors are due to cracks in the die, which appear as raised lines on the coin. Larger or more prominent cracks can significantly increase the coin’s value.

Wrong Planchet This rare error occurs when a quarter is struck on a planchet intended for another coin, such as a dime or a foreign coin.

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