Rare Sacagawea Coins: Background, Appearance & Value Factors

The Sacagawea dollar was introduced in the year 2000 as a replacement for the Susan B. Anthony dollar. It honors Sacagawea, a Shoshone woman who played a vital role as a guide and interpreter during the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

The obverse side of the coin features a portrait of Sacagawea with her infant son, Jean Baptiste, designed by Glenna Goodacre. The reverse design changes annually, showcasing different aspects of Native American culture.

Sacagawea's portrayal on the obverse captures her strength and importance in American history. The design is complemented by inscriptions of her name and the year of mintage.

The reverse side of the coin features various designs representing different aspects of Native American culture, including agriculture, trade, and contributions to American society.

Coins with historical significance, such as those minted in the inaugural year or featuring unique designs, may be more valuable to collectors.

Ultimately, the demand for Sacagawea coins among collectors and enthusiasts can drive up their value, especially for coins with desirable characteristics or limited availability.

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